Stop That Chip Before It's Too Late

Windshield chip repairs in Sioux Falls, Mitchell, SD and surrounding areas

Hazardous debris on the roadway can be hard to avoid. While your windshield protects you from rogue rocks and other flying fragments, it may sustain small chips and cracks in the process. These unanticipated blemishes are an immediate eyesore, but they could become a much bigger problem if left unattended. Chips in your windshield should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent spreading of the crack that could result in the need for replacement of your entire windshield. If your windshield has a chip, no matter how small, call Auto Glass Express at our Sioux Falls location (605) 336-1220 , our Mitchell location (605) 996-8456, or the Toll Free line (800) 260-4247.

Tips for rock chip repair in Sioux Falls, Mitchel, and surrounding areas

  • Try to cover the afflicted area with scotch tape to prevent contaminants from entering the crack.
  • Call Auto Glass Express as soon as possible for immediate repairs to prevent the crack from spreading.
  • Parking your vehicle in the sun before service during the cold season or in the shade during the summer will enable your technician to go right to work on your vehicle.

Rock chips can only be repaired once, so make sure to have them handled by a reputable repair company like Auto Glass Express. We guarantee we'll reduce the appearance of the damage and prevent the chip from spreading for as long as you own the vehicle.